Analyzing Common Poker Preflop Mistakes

It’s really important to make sure you play Poker preflop without errors. At this point, you need to have a Poker strategy before your Poker Preflop game that will help you have more chances. And here’s a reminder of the mistakes before we discuss and resolve them.

Playing too tight in the Small Blind position

Playing too tight in the Small Blind position

You are in the Small Blind position in a Poker game. When everyone folds to you, you should regularly Raise Poker preflop.

Most Poker players cannot do this. Because they will be the first to act in the next betting rounds. Betting Raise Poker Preflop in the Small Blind position is a completely beneficial way to play Poker:

Raise Poker Preflop to steal the Pot

The current Poker hand has a Pot of 1.5 times the Big Blind. You increase your Poker preflop bet by about 2.2 – 2.5 times the Big Blind. A cheap way to steal the money in the Pot.

You can often do this until the Big Blind player re-raises the opposite 3-Bet.

Online Poker players often take advantage of this way of playing Poker. Because, online Poker players often play tight when in the Big Blind position.

Reduce the rate of playing Poker in the wrong position

The current Poker game only has 2 players left. Raising Poker preflop in this situation will kick out the remaining Big Blind players.

Some players with strong cards in this situation will sometimes choose:

  • Play limp poker
  • or play tightly.

Which will put you at a disadvantage when you don’t know your opponent’s Poker card information. On the contrary, you can have someone follow the next bet in the next betting round.

Some Poker players will change their way of playing Poker like that. But increasing bets regularly is the most basic and effective way to play Poker Preflop.

Not often calling the Poker Preflop bet on the Button position

Many Poker players also tend to fold too often. You can watch Poker Preflop at a reasonable price when you act last in the betting round.

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You can see this when playing Poker at home with friends or at a Poker casino. Because, people often do not play Poker strongly when in the Small Blind and Big Blind positions.

Misjudging the value of Poker cards that are not of the same suit

Misjudging the value of Poker cards that are not of the same suit

Tony G, a professional Poker player once said:

Don’t ever try to play with K-J

Tony has a good point here but you stand there oversimplifying. Players are often judged to have too weak cards when they hold Poker cards that are not of the same Offsuit suit. This is really dangerous when you are in the middle of the Poker table. The position that Poker players often raise bets on when they hold a Poker Hand of certain strength.

If you regularly play Poker Hands that are not of the same suit, you are throwing money out the window. Because your way of playing one-pair Poker is too outdated.

You should play Poker with 98s Poker cards of the same suit versus KJo cards of different suit. Suited connectors will rarely be dominated. At the same time, this type of Poker hand has a much higher chance of creating a Poker win

Calling on a huge 3-Bet

This problem is common in live Poker, when the opening bet value of the Poker hand exceeds the 3-Bet value many times like 18x – 20x Big Blinds. And if compared to playing Poker online, its value is about 10x – 12x Big Blind. Betting on these points can also be a player’s nature because they do not want to be considered weak at that Poker table.

Faced with large 3-bet values, you get a bad Pot Odds to call. Try checking the Pot Odds ratio when facing a 10BB 3-Bet after you have Raised 3 Big Blinds:

You must call 7BB again to win your raised bet (3BB) + your opponent’s 3-Bet (10BB) + the original Blind bet (1.5BB). This gives you the required Equity ratio of 32.6%.

And now let’s try to see the Poker hand situation like this if 3-bet 18BB:

You must call another 15BB to win with your increased bet (3BB) + your opponent’s 3-Bet (18BB) + original Blind bet (1.5BB). This gives an Equity ratio of 40%.

So you need to add 8% equity to continue. Coupled with the fact that most live Poker players only 3-Bet only if their hand is really strong. That is a very obvious reason why betting these days is very difficult.

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The best Poker strategy for you in this situation when facing 3-Bets is to fold the Poker with their very strong hand. And you only 4-Bet with your strongest hand.

Additionally, if you observe a player making the mistake of calling large pots too often, you should consider exploiting that player by making large bets on your game.

You play Poker Preflop without a plan

You play Poker Preflop without a plan

The bigger problem than all of the above mistakes is the mistake of only having a loose plan for your Poker hands. Or you don’t have a clear actionable idea of ​​what to do before the flop. The first step to winning at Poker is to plan your Poker Preflop strategy ahead of time. Before attending your next session, make sure you have the answers to the following strategies:

Which Poker Hand will you bet first when everyone folds until it’s your turn to act?

Which Poker card will you increase your Raise bet on? Or play limp Poker?

With which Poker card will you continue to call the bet when your opponent has previously raised the Poker bet?

If you bet first in the pre-flop betting round, how should you act if an opponent raises 3-bets?

Most people don’t have perfect answers to the above questions. So will thinking about potential weaknesses in your pre-flop strategy and working them out ahead of time give you a leg up on the competition?

Creating a play with mixed plays

Arbitrarily “mixing up” your Poker playing style is worse than not planning how you play Poker. Qqjili sees many players doing this and often face penalties afterward for their decisions before the flop.

Ultimately, adjusting your Poker playing style is important. We try to keep our playing style balanced and occasionally change our playing style to exploit our opponents’ Poker playing tendencies. But we make adjustments to our Poker gameplay with a purpose. We never call the Call bet with PokerAA before the Flop. Sure, you might trick your opponent into thinking you hold a pair of Aces, but that doesn’t make the game any good.

The key to playing Poker in all cases is Mathematics.

Although you can trick your opponent into playing Poker, you will not collect the money you want when you 3-bet. During your long professional Poker career, you can make a lot of money with double Ace Poker by continuing to Re-Raise before the Flop. But this hardly compensates for the money you spent by calling the previous bet.

If we change our game mix, it is because we have considered the options represented by our role. We shouldn’t play Poker just for the sake of these strange things.

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